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Zero Celebrates their 10 Year Anniversary with the Anthology Box Set

By Sean In: New Arrivals, Videos and Clips, Warehouse Skateboards

Zero celebrates their 10 year anniversary by introducing their infamous skate videos all in one box set. The Zero Anthology Includes: -”Thrill Of It All” (1997) -”Misled Youth” (1999) -”Dying To Live” (2002)”New Blood” (2004) -New Promo featuring the Zero Team with full length parts from Garreth Hill and new pro  Tommy Sandoval -Special Features  Continue Reading »

Life in the Caymans without Chris Cole

By Mike In: Fun Stuff

It seemed as the Transworld Crew didn’t miss Cole when he left a day early for the Dew Tour. The picture below is of Stingray City with Carlos and the guys.  You don’t think the rays would weird you out until they are brushing up against you. They didn’t seem to bother Carlos though. The  Continue Reading »