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New Spitfire Wheels Now In Stock!

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Spitfire has just released their Spring 2013 line of wheels and we couldn’t be more excited to have them in stock!  We’ve got new 2013 pro models from Marc Johnson, Mike Mo Capaldi, Anthony Van Engelen, Tony Trujillo and Chris Cole.  We’ve also got the limited edition “Pretty Sweet” wheels that Spitfire collaborated with Girl skateboards on.  Whether you prefer Spitfire’s Park Burners, Street Burners, Bigheads or Speedies, rest assured we’ll have what you want in stock and ready to ship out within 24 hours!

Spitfire Wheels 3 300x221 New Spitfire Wheels Now In Stock!

Take 10% Off Your Order!

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We here at Warehouse Skateboards would like to wish everybody a happy hump day!    Help us stick it to the man by knocking 10% off your entire order by entering the code “THEMAN” during your checkout.  This offer is only good until Sunday, February 3rd, so come take advantage of the sales while they last!

THEMAN blog graphic 300x207 Take 10% Off Your Order!

Legends Making Moves

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Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has been making some interesting moves within the past couple of months. On January 14, Independent Trucks announced that Hawk had re-signed with the Indy team after more than 30 years of separation. Tony’s first truck sponsor was, in fact, Independent, before he became the figure who rolled Tracker trucks into the spotlight. After the Birdman left Tracker in November of 1998, he went on to help start up Fury Trucks. 10 years later, Hawk went on to join his most recent truck sponsor, Theeve. Today, Hawk is back on his original team, Independent Trucks. We’re guessing he’ll stay there for a while now, seeing that his son Riley Hawk is also riding for Independent as well. To add to the excitement, Hawk also made the switch from Birdhouse Wheels (formed by Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992) to Bones Wheels on November 9th, 2012. On November 13th, Bones Wheels made a second announcement that legendary freestyle skater Rodney Mullen had also joined the team. Talk about epic moves.  We’re excited to see what happens in the future with the new teams. Bones Wheels has already released awesome new Pro Models for both Mullen and Hawk. We just got a new shipment of them in so feel free to check out our website for new products and details!

RIP Lewis Marnell

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As many of you have probably heard the news already, Australian skateboarding great Lewis Marnell passed away last Friday due to diabetes related complications.  Marnell’s style was incredibly unique and impressive; sticking the most complicated tricks while making them look virtually effortless.  Lewis had a personality and style that everybody could learn to appreciate.  His laid back lifestyle shined light upon the true meaning of skateboarding; having fun with the friends you love most.  In honor of Lewis, Manolo has created a nice tribute video for the skateboarding world to remember him by.  Rest in peace and push on!




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It’s official!  Cody Mcentire has shaken hands with Silver Trucks and agreed to skate for the team.  If you haven’t heard of Cody, you either live under a rock, or you simply must not follow skateboarding much.  The kid absolutely rips.  His part in Digital’s “Smoke and Mirrors” was of epic proportions.  Cody is also sponsored by Think Skateboards, Volcom, Supra, Hubba Wheels and FKD Bearings.  If you’ve never seen him skate, be sure to check out his first Silver Truck’s welcoming video below.  Make sure you visit our site to see the new products we’re getting in for the Christmas season! Skate on!