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Game Changers: Fall 2014

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main graphic1 Game Changers: Fall 2014


With summer officially coming to a close, it’s time to start gearing up for the colder months ahead. Fortunately, some of your favorite skate brands have already released their Fall threads for 2014.


wizard hat Game Changers: Fall 2014


Skate Mental Wizard Snapback Hat

Shane O’Neill. Trevor Colden. Dan Plunkett. Brad Staba. All of these guys  have one thing in common: they’re wizards on and off their skateboards (and they ride for Skate Mental). We don’t want to jump to conclusions…but we’re guessing this sweet Wizard Dog Hat has something to do with it. Available as pictured in Khaki.

skate mental beanie Game Changers: Fall 2014



Skate Mental Reversible Black / Grey Beanie

This beanie is perfect for those of you who just can’t make up their mind on what color you want to wear. Featuring thick stitching and an extremely soft cotton construction, this beanie from Skate Mental is guaranteed to keep you warm during those cold skate sessions.

bones varsity jacket Game Changers: Fall 2014



Bones Wheels Varsity Jacket

Stay warm and stylish in this Varsity style jacket from Bones Wheels. Featuring a button up front, quilted lining, double stitched pockets and a heavy duty construction, the Bones Varsity Jacket is perfect for Fall weather.

deathwish socks Game Changers: Fall 2014


Deathwish Logo Socks

Plain white socks are boring. Spruce up your foot game with these stylish crew socks from our friends at Deathwish.


Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

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October 27 main graphic e1414530862185 Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

Get your zombie slaying decks for Halloween and save big during the Warehouse Skateboards sale! We have a ton of spooky decks in stock to fulfill your Halloween shredding pleasures, and are giving you 10% OFF your entire order through Friday, October 31st. Enter promo code “UNDEAD14″ at checkout to redeem your 10% savings.


Get into the Halloween spirit and grab one of these “killer” decks from Powell, Creature, Darkstar and Element, while supplies last!


resize image 5 Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

Creature Taylor Bingaman Give’em Hell Skateboard Deck

resize image 6 Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

Creature Darren Navarette Powerply Give ‘Em Hell Skateboard Deck


resize image 1 Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

Creature Stu Graham Powerply Give ‘Em Hell Skateboard Deck


resize image 4 Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

 Element Thriftwood Timber Skeleton Skateboard Deck


resize image Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

 Powell Peralta Lolly Red Skateboard Deck


resize image 2 Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

Darkstar Resin 7 Standard Lay Up Entrance Eagle Black / Green Skateboard Deck 


resize image 3 Halloween Sale x Zombie Slaying Decks

Darkstar Greg Lutzka Resin 7 Standard Lay Up Shrine II Yellow Skateboard Deck

Tricks For Treats Giveaway

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main graphic Tricks For Treats Giveaway

Fall is finally upon us, which means now you can go out and skate without feeling like an ant under a magnifying glass. It’s about time to dust off the old beanie and throw on that torn up plaid shirt you refuse to throw away. Aside from skateboarding, it’s also that time of year to binge snack on Snickers, Reese’s Cups and stale, tasteless candy corn while dressing up in ridiculous costumes for Halloween. We know what you’re thinking… how could fall possibly get any more fun than it already is? Drum roll please.


To add to the fall fun, Warehouse Skateboards is giving you a chance to win a new deck of your choice in the Tricks For Treats Giveaway! If you want to get in on this action, all you have to do is: (1) follow us on Instagram @warehouseskateboards, (2) snap a picture or video of you doing your best trick, and (3) tag #tricks4decks in your post. Follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll automatically be entered to win a new deck.


The clock is ticking – start posting your tricks today! Increase your chances of winning by posting as many times as your kick-flipping heart desires between now and 12:00 midnight on Halloween, October 31, 2014 (when the giveaway ends). The lucky winner will be notified in a comment of their winning photo and announced on Warehouse Skateboards Facebook and Instagram on Monday, November 3, 2014.


Check out your competition and view the Tricks For Treats Giveaway submissions here.



2014 Street League Tickets Giveaway Winner

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We probably won’t say this again in this lifetime, but New Jersey was the place to be this weekend.

The Street League Skateboarding Nike SB Super Crown World Championship was going down with some of the biggest names in skateboarding competing for gold. For those who haven’t already heard, Nyjah Huston absolutely killed it again throughout the contest, solidifying his 1st place trophy with a huge Full Cab Flip down the impact section and into the bank. Luckily for Warehouse Skateboards follower Marlon Miller, we were able to hook him up with a Girl Skateboards backpack stuffed full of skateboarding goodies, including 3 tickets to the contest being held just about an hour away from his home in New York.  We also hooked him up with a new Plan B deck and some Spitfire Daewon Song wheels. Needless to say, Marlon’s stoked.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

Who knows? Maybe you could win a prize package next time…

GRO x Dusters California Collabo Board

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Who is Lacey Baker? If you happened to catch the X-Games in Austin last month you would have seen her win gold in the Women’s Street contest. Her run was flawless, combining technically savvy manuals with full rotations and an array of flip tricks. It’s hard to believe that we don’t hear her name more often; after all Pedro Barros won the gold in the Men’s contest and we’ve seen his name all over the place since then.  So why haven’t we seen Lacey on billboards or in commercials?


Establishing professional women’s skateboarding as a serious sport has always been an uphill battle. Up until 2006, the prize purse for the women’s skateboarding X-Games event was substantially smaller than the men’s purse.  Luckily, The Action Sports Alliance was formed by some of the most recognized names in female skateboarding, including the likes of Cara Beth Burnside, Lyn Z Adams, Vanessa Torres and Jen O’Brien, and began taking steps toward leveling out the playing field.  The Action Sports Alliance boosted the female skateboarding culture to a new high, earning a matched prize purse for contests and extended amounts of media coverage.  Additionally, they were able to open up female events in the newer Dew Action Sports Tour. But in 2011, their efforts proved futile when the X-Games actually pulled the plug on Women’s skateboarding due to a lack of popularity and participant base. This crushed the hopes and dreams of pro women skateboards at the time, as well as the young females skateboarders that looked up to them. As far as the business side of skateboarding has been concerned, the overall support for women’s skateboarding has been bleak.


Although it’s easy to point fingers toward big corporations for issues like this, skateboarders in general haven’t been the most supportive of women’s skateboarding either. Skateboarding has historically been aimed towards males. Go to a skate park on any given day and you’ll see the population is dominantly male. Is it because the girls didn’t want to buy a deck that sported a half naked woman on it?  Maybe they went to the local skate shop only to find boy’s clothing. These are all safe assumptions. However, what about that saying that every brother has told their sister about skateboarding or for that matter any sport in general?


“You play like a girl.”


“You play like a girl” is something that you would expect to hear during recess hour in elementary school. However it was only last year when Nyjah Huston threw himself into the spotlight of sexism when he was quoted telling Thrasher Magazine that “some girls can skate but I personally believe that skateboarding is not for girls at all. Not one bit.” Although he apologized (and seemed very genuine) the elephant in the room not only remained, his comments still caused damage and reinforced the idea that women don’t have a place in professional skateboarding.


That’s where Cindy Whitehead comes in.


Cindy has been making waves lately in the skateboarding world, for both men and women. Cindy went pro at the age of 17 and became the  #1 female in the United States for pool and vert skating. She understands why every skateboarder wants to be the first to do something, which is why she teamed up with Dusters California (one of our favorite skateboard manufacturers) to create the “Girl is Not a Four Letter Word” skateboard. Every penny of Cindy’s profits from these boards goes toward the Girl Riders Organization, which helps support girls in pursuing a life involving action sports. We couldn’t be more stoked for Cindy’s cause and can’t wait to see what the future holds for women’s skateboarding.